I am so happy that I found Lois Vorgang. Because I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), I have dealt with embarrassing facial hair since puberty. After trying shaving, tweezing, hair removal creams, laser, etc. for over 18 years, I finally decided to try electrolysis. Now, I wish I had just started with electrolysis from the beginning! Lois is very knowledgeable about PCOS/hormonal imbalances. She even mailed professional journal articles to me prior to our first meeting so that I could get more information on what was happening to me…and most importantly, how we could work together to solve the problem of unwanted hair. Yes, it does take time. However, at this point, I wasted 18 years with no permanent results. After going to sessions every other week for six months, I am almost done with my journey! I don’t have to spend 15 minutes every morning obsessively plucking and tweezing just to be able to go outside and face the world. As an additional bonus, my skin has drastically improved now that I am not constantly battling painful ingrown hairs. It is definitely worth the price to have my confidence restored and to know that the unwanted hair will be gone forever.

–R.V. Bucks County, PA

I am a long time client of Lois’s and have used her services over many years. My results in treated areas have been very successful.  She is experienced and well trained. Lois regularly attends professional development conferences to learn the very newest techniques. She is attentive to her clients concerns, willingly answers your questions and creates a comfortable, safe, clean and private environment. She has a warm and friendly personality and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

–Anonymous, Trenton, NJ

It was important for me to go to an electrologist who was certified because I knew the person would be keeping up with current equipment and treatments in the industry. After thorough research, I found Lois Vorgang.  Lois is knowledgeable, trustworthy, cooperative, timely and friendly. No question goes unanswered. Her office is immaculate and conveniently located. I would highly recommend this most-talented practitioner.

– L.H. Yardley, PA

I have been happy with the results I have seen over the past year of having my electrolysis work done by Lois Vorgang.  Being a Transgendered person, I had to do a great deal of research in trying to find the best Electrologist for me and one who would be discreet.  Lois was the perfect choice for me and I think she would be for many other people.  Any woman will feel comfortable having her hair removal done by Lois Vorgang. I recommend her without any hesitation.

–Anonymous, Trenton, NJ

With age came a few unexpected problems. The gravity issue I could handle, but when I started sprouting some whiskers on my face, well it was time to attack and destroy. I found Lois Vorgang, and sent her in for the assault. Lois was very professional, explaining as we attacked my unwanted post- menopausal growth.  My sessions, were many, but I developed a friendship with Lois, and looked forward to her removal of my whiskers. It’s now two years later, we still talk, but I’m no longer in need of her services. It worked.

–K.C. Yardley, PA

During my teens I had a need for electrolysis.  I was fortunate at that time to be treated by a professional referred by my dermatologist at the time.  Years later I needed to revisit an electrologist and was fortunate to find Lois in the yellow pages.  I was fearful to make an appointment with someone in the yellow pages, but couldn’t be more satisfied.   Lois is fully trained, a certified professional and just plain knowledgeable about what she does and how to make me comfortable throughout the appointment.  I have experienced great results from Lois and recommend her highly.

–L.M. Bucks County

The treatment plan that Lois has been implementing for my hair removal has improved my appearance as well as my self-esteem.  Each treatment session is pleasant due to Lois’s friendly demeanor and the time passes easily.

– L.S. Bucks County, PA

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